Thermostat (Re-designed)

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The challenge in this Interaction Design Practice project was to come up with a re-design of the ubiquitous thermostat (hypothetically as a designer for Honeywell) that would allow users to understand and operate it more intuitively. Based on our research, we came up with a design that would incorporate a thumb heat scanner to automatically measure the user’s temperature and set the thermostat based on that reading, aggregated against the user’s predefined ideal temperature settings and the current room temperature to prevent wide fluctuations in settings. In this manner, the design would:

  • Make the user feel that s/he was communicating their desired temperature intuitively to the thermostat
  • Allow the user to be oblivious of how it works, i.e. take away the need to know how it works
  • Empower the user to feel that s/he was in control
  • Prevent the user from practicing “bad habits” from their past experiences, e.g. cranking the settings
Thermostat initial sketch
Thermostat initial sketch
Thermostat first design
First design
Thermostat final design
Final design


Marisol Villacres

Role & Responsibilities

Co-designer – involved in the conceptualization and ideation process
Videographer – documented usability tests and produced video clips


Usability testing
Paper write-up / editing

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