Quiz App for the Palm Pre

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This quiz app was one of the design projects in the Interaction Design Practice course at Indiana University. Teams were challenged to come up with a multiple-choice quiz application that would:

  • Facilitate an intuitive means of answer input
  • Provide suitable feedback for the answer
  • Levarage the capabilities of the Palm Pre
  • Comply with Section 508 accessibility guidelines

We took on the metaphor of a real-world paper quiz and designed an app that simluated the natural experience of taking a paper-based quiz with the affordances of a mobile device. We felt that the familiarity factor would result in greater productivity, and the quick and natural feel would result in an enjoyable experience.


Image of Quiz App question screenImage of Quiz App answer screenImage of Quiz App feedback screen

Progression of screen states for the Palm Pre Quiz App


Dan Richert
Samantha Merritt
Katie O’Donnell

Role & Responsibilities

Photographer – documented the team’s design process through images
Notetaker – documented team meetings and recorded design decisions


Usability testing
Paper write-up / editing

Downloads & Links

Download design documentDesign document

Download Powerpoint PresentationPresentation