We came up with a Design Process Model that would help designers integrate reflection into their daily practice.

After Effects Projects

I took a class on Program Graphics and Animation in Spring 2010, and this page showcases some of the projects I created using After Effects.

Shoot Now!

I self-published a book on about basic photography principles, using the Canon SD 1200 IS as a model.

Pirate Navigator

We designed a museum exhibit that engaged participants in 17th Century navigation techniques. Set in the form of a pirate treasure hunt, participants found artifacts and learned little-known facts about historical pirates. The project took seven weeks to complete.

Cultural Probe

For our Interaction Design Methods course at Indiana University, teams were tasked to design a cultural probe to send to a group of elderly citizens in San Francisco. The goal was to understand their beliefs, desires and preferences, in order to aid our design of a public interactive art installation to encourage their engagement with the city’s nightlife.

Football Tablet App

We designed an application that would allow football coaches to review video clips of previous plays in order to provide richer visual examples as they coach their players. The app would wirelessly download video clips from a central video server to a tablet PC, and both players and coaches can review, pan, zoom, pull up specific information (and related video clips) of a particular player, and annotate information that can be passed around to other team members for quick dissemination of information.